Range Day

Tired of shooting at stationary paper targets?

Range Day Event

Discover the unbeatable firearm experience with us!
Come join us for an afternoon of fun shooting at moving targets, doing real-life scenario drills.

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Range Day Event Details

  • 4 hour range time – $50.00 (per session)
  • Because of the skill level required for this event each student must have taken a course with us or be able to provide proof of experience with firearms.
  • Targets – provided in the cost of the session
  • Eye and Ear Protection – $1.00 per student
  • Maximum of ten students per event- so reserve your spot early

Reserve for a group of 7 or more and we can reserve the range for just your group. 


Firearm Rentals-Ammo Purchase

We currently have a limited amount of firearms for rental. Ammo may be purchased the day of the event with prior notice so we can make sure to have enough stock on hand.