Time to Enter the Fray

Our club celebrated its first anniversary on February 13th, this year. We formed to provide a forum for self-defense firearm training, as well as recreational firearm use and archery.  In making that the mission of this club, we have strived to remain out of the political discussions concerning firearms and the 2nd Amendment protections. There are better forums for those discussions.

However, lately we are seeing changes both positive and negative that may impact what we do as a club and what we do as private citizens to protect ourselves and our families. We find that as time passes, we cannot continue to avoid the national discussion over firearms that threatens to place us all in mortal danger and eliminate a sport we love. We are not hunters. We are not violent. But as human beings, we are political beings and can not long pretend that certain policy decisions being made do not affect us.

Therefore, we intend henceforth to periodically put in our contribution to the discussion and join those who would protect the unalienable right acknowledge in the 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution in opposing any further infringement on such right. It is not a privilege to speak up. It is a moral duty.

Recently, we have seen the lower house of Congress, the People’s House, threatening to impose further restrictions on law-abiding citizens to arm themselves as they see fit; as they find adequate for their personal defense in the particular circumstances in which they live. We have seen a knee-jerk reaction by the Florida legislature and and the federal government to a school shooting in South Florida leading to the ban of an after-market accessory to a firearm, i.e. bumpfire stocks, even though such accessory was not utilized in the said school shooting, nor even in the shooter’s possession. Policy-making was utilized in the name of politics to appease the masses. Bumpfire stocks are not everybody’s cup of tea. In our own club, we are not aware of anyone that owns one or owned one prior to the ban. However, the Florida legislature, in its haste to produce some legislative response to the school shooting, drafted a new law intended to ban bumpfire stocks, but so vague that it appears to have gone far beyond such accessory.

On a positive note, the ban in California on high-capacity magazines has been lifted, or rather found unconstitutional by no less than a Bear Republic judge. It seems some common sense and constitutional integrity seemed in to through a crack in the Left wing firmament of California politics to bring about this change. The ban itself did nothing to protect the people of California. The poor victims of the San Bernardino shooting, if still alive today, and their families could care less whether the shooter in that incident had 30 rounds in a magazine or only 5. The fact is that the shooter had sufficient to snuff out the lives of several innocent people. The fact is that only one round per person is necessary in many cases. Even so, banning all magazines violates our 2nd Amendment right to bear arms and leaves the innocent at the mercy of the guilty; the sheep at the mercy of the wolves.

“Don’t expect to see a change unless you make one.”

These laws need to be publicly debated if we are to live in a sane culture; a culture in which common sense dictates what laws govern our everyday lives. It is therefore our intent to comment whenever we find that debate is necessary and good for all. We hope to encourage others to leave the laurels on which they sit behind and join the fray.

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